Explain the Brain

Positive Coping
Stress affecting the body and
how to manage it


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About the Event

What is Explain the Brain?

Students are invited to create and submit a 90-second original video or infographic to highlight, explain or promote the theme.

This year’s focus is Positive Coping - Stress affecting the body and how to manage

Students are encouraged to use interesting and creative ways to communicate their information. Some examples include drama, media, art, text, talking, clay models, music, and demonstration.

When is it?

This event begins on 18th July and ends on 18th August 2022.



Who can enter?

Entry to this event is free and is open to any secondary student in Australia.

How do I enter?

Teachers should register their interest here on behalf of their school and students. Once registered, the next steps will be shared via email

Are there any prizes?

There are prizes on the line and students competing stand to win the following:

  • $300 GiftPay voucher for the overall winning entry
  • 3x $150 GiftPay vouchers for outstanding entries
  • $500 GiftPay voucher for the school with the most valid entries



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If you would like to know more about Education Perfect or how your school can best prepare for the Education Perfect Explain the Brain Competition get in touch with us at support@educationperfect.com.