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Homeschooling Basics on EP

Join us for a live session to understand the basics of Homeschooling with EP.

Learn how to take advantage of over 40,000+ automatically marked lessons, set a schedule for your learner, set up our learning plans and get advice on your homeschool government application.

Every Tuesday at:

  • 11:30 am Sydney
  • 1:30 pm New Zealand

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  • 24/7 Personal Support

    Talk to our support team or book in a one on one training session with our Homeschooling Guru

  • Curriculum Aligned Lessons

    EP has all content covered. Chose from over 35,000 + lessons directly related to your state.

  • Lesson Outlines & Registration Support

    EP has pre built lesson outlines and registration support to help get you registered with your local government body.


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