2022 Australian Geography Competition Student Registration Information

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The Australian Geography Competition is a contest for Australian secondary school students, assessing their geographical knowledge and skills. The competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence.

The 2022 Australian Geography Competition will be held in schools from Thursday 24 March to Wednesday 6 April.

  • The entry deadline is Thursday 10th March
  • EP will be contacting all schools via email on Monday 14th March about registering students. We will not process any registrations before this point
  • Student names and registration deadline is Monday 21st March

Student Registration Instructions

  1. Teachers enter the competition via the AGC website

  2. Register your students for the competition on Education Perfect via the two options below. Any schools with permission to enter after the deadline need to use Option 2 for registering students

Note: SSO Schools must use the template option - please check with your IT manager about whether you are an SSO school

  1. Education Perfect will set up your 2022 AGC competition classes for each year level
  2. Download the template here
  3. Add students' names to the template
    One tab per year level grouping - only one spreadsheet per school
  4. Once completed, send your spreadsheet back to agc@educationperfect.com by Monday 21st of March
  5. Education Perfect's Upload Team will add the students to the competition classes and send your students' login details back to you within 7 days

*please note - some schools will have compulsory information that you need to provide such as email addresses and student IDs

Screenshot of template AGC

  1. Education Perfect will set up your 2022 AGC competition classes for each year level
  2. To find the access code for each year level competition class, log in to Education Perfect using your teacher login. If you do not have an Education Perfect Teacher Login, EP's support team will create one for you and send you the details via email. You'll find the code in the Classes tab - see the screenshot below
  3. Each class grouping (2022 AGC Year 7, 2022 AGC Year 8...) will have a different access code for the event
  4. Give the access code to students as soon as you can to ensure they're all ready to go before the online competition
  5. Students will need to enter the code into EP to be added to the event. We recommend reading this guide to see how students will use the access code to join their AGC class
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